Storage Rules

Catalog Closet Rule #1: Let us solve the hard problems for you.

Don’t stress over packing or delivery. We send our dedicated staff to pack each of your clothing items safely and securely and transport them back to our facility.

Catalog Closet Rule #2: Nothing fragile.

Fragile items require additional handling and care. As a result we ask that you do not store anything fragile with us that may result in damage during the packing, transporting, and storing process. We consider fragile items to be anything that can easily be torn, ripped, or fall apart.

Catalog Closet Rule #3

No family heirlooms or antique clothing, bags, shoes or accessories.

Catalog Closet Rule #4: Pay your bills.

If you have any billing questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff for assistance at 410-246-2795 or by email at